Documentation for VCS version 8.5

New Cisco Unified Communications Design Guide (SRND) version 10

Cisco Unified Communications SRND version 10

Cisco Unified Communications SRND version 10

Cisco has released a new version of their Solution Reference Network Design Guide for version 10 of their Collaboration Software.  For those not in the know,  This is the bible for Cisco unified communications.  This version now includes Cisco VCS best practices.  At 26mb and over 1200 pages , It is everything you need to know about CallManager and VCS design.

I recommend you download the SRND to an E-reader or iPad to be able to easily follow the multitude of hyperlinks in the document.



I have an App – A Subnet Calculator

Many of you know my belief that Video is rapidly becoming a specialty of a Voice Engineer and Voice has become a Specialty of a Network engineer.

SO if you are booming a network engineer I have written a free (for now)  Subnet Calculator for IOS.  Feel free to download it from the App store.

Or Check it out at

Subnet Calculator

Subnet Plus Subnet Calculator


The Hardware MCU is Dead . . . Long Live Telepresence Server

Cisco Live

Cisco Live 2013 Orlando

One interesting piece of information I gleaned from Cisco Live this week is that TelePresence Server, Cisco’s software based MCU that works with both immersive and single screen Telepresence systems,  Can now be virtualized.

This is pretty slick.  Having virtualized MCUs will allow an enterprise to easily place MCUs (TelePresence Server)  in branch offices thereby reducing WAN bandwidth when conferencing.

The marketing story is that Cisco will now be pushing TelePresence server over 5300 and 4500 series hardware based MCUs.  This should reduce multipoint conferencing costs.

The hardware MCUs still have special use cases.  TP server does not yet support video IVRs and multiway.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.